Baybloom Ltd was birth on the 9th of April 2009 as a courier company. It specialised in dispatching for corporate organizations and individuals and later initiated a service called “SOCIAL DISPATCHING” which is basically the delivery of Aso-Ebi, Invitation cards and Notification letters etc for social events within and outside the country. These areas of dedication for social dispatching which still successfully run today include the deliveries of Invitation cards – (weddings, birthdays, engagements, funerals, corporate events etc), Aso-Ebi, Gifts, Souvenirs, and Letters, on behalf of clients to their guests.

After three and a half years of social and corporate dispatching, Baybloom initiated the concept of personalised packaging for Aso-Ebi. These packages were so intricately and tastefully done that they were gifts in itself to the guests and saved the clients the additional expense of purchasing souvenirs.


We at BayBloom Services Ltd pride ourselves in working closely with each customer to recommend Value Added Services uniquely tailored to their needs and specifications. Furthermore, we charge affordable prices, and offer regular promotional ideas and incentives to further increase customer satisfaction.