The fruits4schoolz scheme was birth for the sole purpose of providing free, nutritious, healthy fruits through school-based initiatives to children in the public primary education from the ages of 4 – 8years respectively.

This scheme ensures that every child within the aforementioned ages is entitled to a piece of fruit each school daily during the school term through-out the year.  This Scheme will be made available only to children in public schools within Nigeria.

Our aim is to encourage a healthy life balance and lifestyle changes such that this impacts their education, healthy, and life in general.

We intend to educate these children about fruits & Vegetables and its impact on their health, education and life so that they can in turn transfer this knowledge to their parents, siblings and communities as a whole.

Fruits4schoolz begun its activities in 2014 where it started providing fruits for children in Obalende once a month. Shortly after, the scheme was implemented in Ladi-Lak primary School Bariga and has now increased its scope to ilupeju primary School and ilupeju community school respectively where we are currently feeding over 1000 children.

Raising Health Awareness for Kids


To alleviate malnutrition amongst school age children specifically in public schools, whilst educating them on the importance of a healthy diet on their schooling, health and general well-being.

Our vision is to encourage a healthy life balance that will induce lifestyle changes such that it impacts their education, health, and well-being.


  • To create an acute awareness of the importance of fruits and Vegetables & a healthy diet in the lives of school age children & Improve their performance in the long run.
  • To educate the mothers of these children through seminars and educational workshops as research shows that the level of exposure and education of mothers are determinants of high or low nutritional diet in children.
  • Create support gatherings, meetings, workshops, classes, and other similar events to carry the primary objective of this organization.
  • Improve academic outcomes, concentration, school attendance, & mood in school.




We currently procure fruits from wholesalers on a large scale and aim to eventually partner with Farms who will either support our cause and provide fruits for us either at a discounted rate or free. Below are the range of fruits we give to the children;

  • Oranges, Pineapples, Tangerines, Agbalumo, Carrots, Banana’s, Cabbage, Apples, Water Melon, Paw-Paw etc.

The time of Season purely determines the type of fruits the children will be given at a particular point in time.


For more information or to write to us on how you can support this programme, please contact us via:   [atsi set=”icon-set-0″]