Our Story

Founder of Baybloom Services Limited, Mrs. Adewonuola Aboderin inspired by the urge to create a niche in the logistics industry started a service she labelled Social Dispatching over seven years ago. This is basically the specialized coordination of logistics for social or corporate events. These services include dispatching of Invitation Cards, Aso-ebi (Uniformity in attire purchased solely for an event) Gifts, Letters etc. . . . Part of our value add includes Proof of delivery, detailed reports of entire coordination, & comprehensive reconciliation of funds received after completion of dispatch.


Due to the insatiable quest to always make a difference, she identified the opportunity to present these items (especially aso-ebi) in luxury bespoke boxes as not a lot of people used them when offering their fabrics for events. Furthermore upon research, she noticed the quality of packages being produced in Nigeria were poorly finished and overpriced.


Rising to the challenge, Adewonuola extensively researched all avenues and options to introducing her own packages and also creating an extensive range of them. Baybloom packaging was birth thereafter. Less than a year after, Baybloom Packages had over 10 categories of boxes in stock and currently working towards manufacturing, recycling and more ecofriendly ways of running its business whilst building an extensively robust client base that ranges from individuals to corporations & ultimately giving back to the society.


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Adewonuola Aboderin